Garments for the conscious

The mission and thought behind NordicAfroDesign

The mission of NordicAfroDesign is to unite ethics and aesthetics in a constellation of conscious maturity, by creating opportunities for the conscious and mature person.

At the same time you will think about making a conscious decision to invest in a garment that you will feel comfortable and unique in, while keeping your consciousness, dignity and conscience intact.

Your Purchase involves

A sustainable factor

In NordicAfroDesigns concept, a sustainable factor has been included. For each garment, a small fine bag produced in bamboo containing 3 "famous" bamboo seeds, which is the entire existence of this concept.

Germination guidance is provided on how you as a customer should plant the seeds and give the seeds the most favorable conditions to grow, thus serving the world's respiration.

A Present Trend

In NordicAfroDesigns design many parts can occur in one garment, as the trend can be many cross-sections, horizontal or vertical, where other garments are very individual with few details.

The basic idea is that it is the material that must be "raw and wild" due to the authentic material (masculine / solid), where the design and colors are "soft and mild" (feminine / complex).

Harmonious colors

The clothes are dyed in the most beautiful colors, as the colors must have a harmonizing role, where they must express what resonates in you, when you are wearing our garments.

The colors are mixed through experience with feng shui coaching, which gives a color play that complements each other so that it creates a dynamic. In this way, the colors and the design are the most important elements in the appearance.

We have 2310 different colors to choose from, so there is ample opportunity for you to "create" your own garments. We work with a color-scale system called Pantone.

We enclose color swatches (clippings from the clipping of garments as we want to use everything from the material) of the colors we have in the present here. Which also will be the colors our garments are produced in, so you have a better sense of the color shades.

The AMAZING properties of our materials

When you as a customer of NordicAfroDesign buy a garment, you can be sure that you get a lot of benefits

Our materials have several properties that will benefit you ...

Bamboo, Hemp and Flax are ...

  • Allergy Neutral
  • Antibacterial
  • 100% biodegradable
  • CO2 converting plant material
  • Up to 98% UV protective
  • Sweat-absorbing, and quickly lead sweat out of the garment ((self-cleaning; requires far less washing than other materials (30 degrees), as it is best to be rinsed or simply aerated)) Compatible with wool properties.
  • Quick-drying
  • Temperate, breathable (feels neither cold or hot)
  • Antistatic
  • Is grown without pesticides due to its antibacterial ability and without artificial watering due to an ingenious internal pipe system.

Pinatex (Leafs from Pineapple) An substitute for skin/leather from animals.

GOTS-certified cotton: (GOTS; Global Organisk Textile Standard) Made without pesticides.

Waxprint 100% cotton: Made with wax from resin from Pine trees. 

African Batik 100% Organic cotton: Handmade with clay, leafs and berries in different colours, without pesticides. 

African Handweaved 100% Organic cotton fabrics:

Description of Handweaved fabrics

Bògòlanfini or bogolan means ”mud cloth" that refers to a kind of clay with a high amount of iron in it. The iron produces a black pigment, when its printet on handmade fabrics of cotton. Its handmade malian fermented mud. It symbolize the traditional Malian culture and identity.

This fabrics are used all over the world for fashion, art and decoration.


In traditionel bògòlanfini production men are weaving the fabrics and the women are dying it. On smal weaves the men are weaving strips of cotton that is 15 cm width, and sawing it into 1 meter x 1,5 meter fabric.

The process of production

Description of the production

The production of the material for NordicAfroDesign's garments takes place in Africa (the Ivory Coast) where it is handmade. The bamboo is produced at a Chinese factory, where quality, working conditions and sustainability are paramount.

The raw bamboo material is crushed and are going through a chemical proces to make it convert into a mass, after which the fibers can be pulled out and spun into yarn. 

Hemp and Flax are harvest and then the farmers putting them to rest, and then after a while, the Hemp and Flax fibers are crushed and spuned into yarn. 

The factory where the raw material undergoes the process takes care of the remnants of the wastewater, and in respect of the environment and the people who works there, they clean it, so there will be no pollution or harm no one.

The benefits are, that it in no way harms those who work with it, the consumer or Mother Earth.

The finished material is Oekotex 100, which means that the raw material is grown organically and without artificial watering or toxic pesticides. And at the same time it is completely non-toxic and harmless to people to wear. Our garments are biodegradable.

Hemp is the most sustainable material in the world and do not need a certification to prove it...



Ordering garments

When you order and pay for your garments, it can take up to 21 days before you recieve your garments. It all depends of how many orders we have. 


In NordicAfroDesign our choice of materials carries a great deal of our love for Mother Earth ...

Therefore, we use recycled paper for packaging, and hope and believe that YOU as a customer have the same wishes to preserve Mother Earth in the best possible way.

We will therefore ask you to recycle this packaging as much as possible so that together we can create a DYNAMIC and HARMONIC present and future for this planet's inhabitants ... THANK you for your kindness


When ordering fabric to produce the dresses, we use sea freight as it is the most sustainable way of transporting. Sea freight takes 5 weeks, whereas air transport takes 4 days. With our concept "Deliberately maturing" it fits perfectly with longer and more sustainable transport.

"Everything good comes to the one who can wait" :-)

Tager ansvar for vores klode


Grateful for our planet

Ethical considerations

NordicAfroDesign supports Fairtrade. The people who work with the production of our materials and sewing the garments, works under the best conditions. The local area where our materials are produced, are supported in several ways:

  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Vi donate to a charitable purpose for vulnerable children and women in the area, where the fabrics are made
  • No child labor in any of the product lines.

Bamboo, Hemp and Flax are very humble utility plants because of their high durability, and least harmful effect on the environment. They has been proclaimed THE MOST POPULAR MATERIALS IN THE WORLD, and we want to be part of that in NordicAfrodesign.

Each time a garment is produced in NordicAfroDesigns name, it focuses on ETHICS, ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY.

Motivation + Respiration 

This is the greatest motivation factor for NordicAfroDesign, as it is the whole meaning of life! If you can't breathe, everything else doesn't matter ... And bamboo, hemp and flax is the world's BEST respirators. For every seed we sow, the more RESPIRATION occurs in the world.

❝ Bamboo helps us every day with our CO2 emissions by turning it into oxygen, makes it much more comfortable to wear. And last but no less important, it at the same time NOURISHES OUR CONSCIENCE to the world ❞ 

At NordicAfroDesign we believe that the world's respiratory ability is a shared responsibility. 

Are you AWARE every time you breathe in or breathe out? We are at NordicAfroDesign

“Breathing” is our motivation.

Fuldt engageret og passioneret

NordicAfroDesign promise to

We only use trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers who support the sustainable and responsible lifestyle

NordicAfroDesign Heidimaya & Essi, Designers & Founders

NordicAfroDesign supports women and children in Africa

We visit out partners at the Ivory Coast and learn more about the country's needs. Here we choose to focus on women, as they are the ones who have to carry on the generations. Therefore, we would like to help women by creating jobs and help them to be self-supporting in the area where the materials are manufactured. We do this by donating 10% of your purchases.

In addition, during the holidays and events, we will also donate 10% of selected products. This will be donated to vulnerable families with small children at the Ivory Coast and to rebuild the school system with stuff like benches, pencils, chairs etc.

Meet the women behind NordicAfroDesign

Designers & Founders behind NordicAfroDesign

As the designers and founders of this company we can guarantee you, that we know everything about this product. As a promise to you as a costumer, when you buy garments, you will always be able to come and ask us.

We are involved in the entire process from the first line on the drawing board, cutting, sewing, adaptation, choice of all materials and colors, transport, shipping, packaging and "deposition" after use.

For us, it is important that the people behind a company we are considering buying products or services from, are FULLY COMMITTED AND PASSIONED about the entire company.

We have been in China and experience the factory where the materials are manufactured, to be 100% sure that everything is as promised you.

Your next goal is to visit our producers of our african textiles. 

Heidimaya E. C. Foget & Essi Tomobile

Designers & Founders